Canada Grading


I’m new to grading, how does this all work?
Canada Grading has made it super simple for Canadians to send cards to the US for grading. On our website, select the grading company you would like to use, fill out the online form, and send your cards to us. We take care of everything else.
How should I package my cards to be sent to you?

Cards should be securely packed in a bubble mailer or a box. Cards must be in a semi rigid case (different from a top loader). If you want Canada Grading to put them into a semi rigid case, please send your cards in a penny sleeve and top loader and we will transfer each card for $1. Make sure you do not individually tape each top loader as opening the cases slows us down and surcharges may apply. Instead, please place all the top loaders in a stack and wrap painters tape around the stack to ensure cards don’t shift during transport. Make certain you print your form and place it in the package. If you do not have a printer, make sure your name is on the package so that I can match the package to your form.

I want to clean my cards as I’ve heard that will get me the best grade?

    1. Wiping fingerprints and dust off your cards is an important step in prepping your cards for grading.  Canada Grading suggests a non-woven microfiber cloth to do so.
    2. Canada Grading can wipe your cards with a non-woven microfiber cloth for $2 per card. Simply select this option when entering your card information on the online form.  We will never use any potions or creams to take out scratches.

Will you provide a pre-grade or guarantee a grade?
No. Canada Grading are not graders and as such relies on the expertise of each grading company. We suggest you look over each card meticulously with a jewelers loop or magnification device. Any damage to the card may cause a lower grade.
I’m ready to send my cards in to be graded, where do I send them?

Canada Grading
6D – 7398 Yonge St
Suite 150
Thornhill, ON
L4J 8J2

I see you are in the GTA, can I drop my cards off to save on shipping?

    1. Yes – we have 3 drop off locations available. 1) UPS Store (Thornhill) 2) Relikks Cards and Collectibles (Yonge & Lawrence Toronto), 3) MAXimum Cards Whitby
    2. When the cards are returned to Canada Grading you will be able to pick them up at the same location you dropped them off at.

Am I able to send graded cards to be crossed over?
Canada Grading is currently only accepting raw cards for grading
Will you crack a graded card case to be resubmitted to a grading company?
Cracking a case and resubmitting is risky and can damage the card, as such Canada Grading does not offer this service.
I have an autographed card, will I be able to send it for grading?

    1. PSA – will grade the card and not the autograph, we do not offer autograph grading through PSA at this time
    2. SGC – will provide a grade to the autograph only if it is a signed card received from a pack AND it is deemed a 10 grade by SGC, there is no charge for this service
    3. BGS – will provide an autograph grade, there is no charge for this service

Who pays for shipping?

    1. It is your responsibility to arrange for the cards to be sent or dropped of to Canada Grading
    2. Canada Grading covers all shipping charges to and from the grading companies
    3. Canada Grading will provide shipping quotes to you once the cards have returned from the grading companies.  Once you have paid, the cards will be shipped and tracking provided.

Who pays for customs/duty charges?
When they arise, any customs and duty charges are paid by Canada Grading.
How do I pay?

Once cards have been shipped to the grading company you will receive an email from Canada Grading with your total.  Interac E-Transfer (Email money transfer, or EMT) is currently the only payment method, please make payment to

Are the cards insured?
Cards are insured during shipment to the grading companies and back as well as shipping back to you.
I see my cards have made it to you, how will I know for sure you have them?
Typically, packages are picked up from the mailbox every morning (excluding weekends). Once Canada Grading has your package we will send you an email or message explaining next steps.
Is there a way to follow my cards along their grading journey?

    1. For PSA cards – please check the tracker
    2. For SGC cards – there is no tracker
    3. For BGS cards – there is no tracker

My question is not listed

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