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Complete This Online Form

Follow each step by filling out all of your card details, selecting the correct submission level for each card, and providing your mailing address.


Print Off and Sign The Submission Confirmation

After you have completed this online form, you will be provided with a submission confirmation. Please print this off and sign it.


Mail or drop off your submission to Canada Grading

Mail your submission to the address provided on the confirmation sheet. Don’t forget to include the signed sheet with your submission!



Payment is due when the cards are shipped to PSA. Upcharges are at PSA’s discretion.

Now Accepting Submissions For July 28, 2024

This form must be filled out by July 28, 2024
, and your mailed submission must be received no later than July 28, 2024
. Otherwise, your submission will be sent to the grading service the following month.

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Please fill in all card details below, and click the "add card" button to add more cards to your submission. Note: pricing estimates do not include upcharges that the grading company may apply.